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Word Associations | Tips & Materials

I recently wrote about the first couple steps in the language processing hierarchy, labeling or naming objects and ideas and functions. If you've forgotten, the language processing hierarchy looks something like this: and is directly related to our Common Core State...

JOY | Scriptures & Prayers for Teachers

JOY. Is that what you think you're feeling, here at the end of the school year, possibly the beginning of your summer vacation? Most often, when we think of joy, it's our circumstances that we first consider. Knowing that we have months of waking without an alarm,...

Object Functions | Tips & Materials

Teaching students distinguish between what an object is, what an object does, what an object is made of, what an object is grouped with, etc… are all important and vital aspects of helping students build a lexicon that has incredible depth, rather than just extending its breadth. 

They All Saw a Cat | Review + Ideas for Therapy

They All Saw a Cat very quickly reminded me of Eric Carle, with its repetitive narrative that shares a simple day in the life of a cat and all the creatures it encounters. Even having read the dust jacket, it took several pages for me to fully grasp what concept Wenzel had set out to explore. 

LOVE | Scriptures & Prayers for Teachers

It’s in these last weeks that, even as summer shines brightly ahead of me, I often begin to lose focus of exactly why I do what I do. I find myself wondering if there’s any way I can make myself do this again next year. I wonder why I put myself through it all. 

30 Quotes on Life | Turning 30

I don't think I realized the milestone that is turning 30 until my husband, friends, and then, myself, started celebrating this birthday. It's an odd turning point in the course of your time on earth. You've been around the block a few times, but still feel...