Planners & Data Tracking Options for SLPs

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Hello there! I hope this post finds you doing well and settling into your school year (if you’ve started back – are there any districts that haven’t begun yet? Let me know!) Although you might think that I had my planning and data organization figured out for the year by now (seeing as I’m 4 weeks in now!), I actually just finished getting everything together last week! Perhaps you can relate?

With that in mind, I thought I would go back in time a bit and explore a few of the planner and data options before settling on my method for this year. Let’s get going!

Data Tracking & Organization

I’ll start here because I did the least amount of searching for it! Originally, I had a very simple plan: buy a notebook, designate a few pages per student, and layout my own organizational system, similar to how I’ve done in my bullet journal. A week or so in, I started to doubt that this would work out the way I had hoped. Amidst everything else that was going on, creating my own system was too time-consuming. Why reinvent the wheel if not necessary? In the end, I decided to just go with a few of the pages from my own SLP Organization Templates. I chose the Student Info Page, Weekly Data Page, and Yearly Progress Monitoring Page. One of the things I like most about this set up is how easy it is to complete progress reports. I keep data during sessions on the Weekly Data Page, then transfer that info to the Yearly Progress Monitoring Page. When I get ready to figure out 9 weeks progress, each week is right there, neatly organized by goal for me.

Made by SLP Planners & Organizers

As mentioned above, I have my own organizer listed on TpT $3.00. Check it out if you like the look of the pages above! However, there are many other SLP-made planners and organizers for you to consider!

Editable SLP Organizer by Sublime Speech

Ultimate SLP Planner {Editable} by SLP Now

SLP Planner by Jenn Alcorn

SLP Planner | Google Drive | Speech Therapy Data Sheets by The Pedi Speechie

SLP Planner, Forms, and Organization Packet 2020-2021 by The Speech Owl

Printable SLP Planner | Dated (Print & Go) & Undated (Editable) by Itty Bitty Speech

Teacher Planners

The thing I spent the most time on this school year was choosing a planner. In fact, my choice of planner this year is what led to my having to figure out my data organization system! Let me explain.

Last year, I purchased this teacher planner:

I LOVED it! I was able to modify many of the pages that weren’t quite relevant to me and make them so – for example, by turning gradebook pages into attendance pages and IEP checklists. It’s quite large (9″x11″), leaving plenty of space for notetaking. My favorite feature was the weekly spread. It was left pretty open-ended, which gave me plenty of room to take data right in my planner. It was perfectly minimal, especially for traveling between schools! I simply printed off the Student Info Page and Yearly Progress Progress Monitoring Page from my organizer and transferred data over to student’s individual pages each week. Unfortunately, I decided to reinvent the wheel this year and choose a different planner. My primary reasons? (a) I wanted something that looked a bit different and (b) I wanted to buy something not from Amazon. So, I got searching. Let’s look at the planners I explored.

Purple Trail Planners

  • Personizable
  • Lots of cover options and binding styles
  • Multiple sizes
  • Fun stickers and accessories
  • Various prices depending on size and personalization, starting around $42

Erin Condren

  • Can be personalized with name and year, different coil colors, and photos
  • Lots of cover options, including real leather (this was a runner-up for me!)
  • Standard size of 8.5×11″ (for most, if not all palnners)
  • Prices range from $35 to $60

The Happy Planner

  • Fewer overall options (many planners were sold out)
  • Affordable (around $30)
  • No personalization
  • Undated
  • 9.75 x 8.62 x 1.31 in

Plum Paper

  • Range of sizes (A5, 7×9″, 8.5×11″)
  • Different page types based on grade-level (Elementary, Middle & High school, or Homeschool)
  • HIGHLY customizable: covers, binding, name/year, heading labels, adding/taking away page types, etc…
  • Prices start around $24 and increase as you personalize

In the end, I chose a Plum Paper planner. it won me over with the level of customization possible, as well as by being a handmade business. I liked getting to add more of the pages that made sense for me (even if I’m still modifying them slightly to make the SLP-ish, rather than teacher-ish). I was hoping to use it in the same way I used my Bloom planner last year. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to. I don’t want that to seem like a slight against the planner itself! The biggest issues I have with the planner are (1) the paper type – it’s difficult to write on with a pencil and can smear a bit with a pen (2) the size of the spreads – I don’t really have enough room to keep data and take notes on sessions. One problem that could have been avoided is that of size – I bought a smaller size to save money and space in my bag, since I’m traveling. If I had ordered the largest size, I could have possibly used it for data collection. I rarely write with pencils anyway and just need the right pen to write on the planner pages, so space was really the most unsurmountable issue.

Although I’m not using it as an all in one data collection, I am still using it as a typical planner, as well as using the communication log and student tracking pages I added in for attendance, parent communication, etc… All in all, not a loss! Just not quite as minimal as I was able to pull off last year, as I’m back to a binder of data pages to pull out during sessions.

What do you use for planning, tracking data, and organizing? Feel free to share below!