Teletherapy: Research and Resources

ASHA’s Position on SLPs and Teletherapy

Telepractice is an appropriate model of service delivery for audiologists and SLPs. SLPs providing services via telepractice are bound to the Code of Ethics and must perform duties in adherence to their Scope of Practice. 

What types of therapy can be provided via telepractice?

  • Aphasia
  • Speech sound disorders
  • Autism
  • Dysarthria
  • Dysphagia
  • Fluency disorders
  • Language disorders
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Voice disorders


Is telepractive appropriate for all clients?

No! Each client should be assessed individually for appropriateness for telepractice treatment. Some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Hearing and visual acuity
  • Physical dexterity to use a computer, mouse, and keyboard
  • Endurance to sitting in front of the computer
  • Level of cognitive function, including attention
  • Family/caregiver/aid support during sessions, as necessary
  • Appropriate comprehension, literacy, and intelligibility as needed for appropriate treatment
  • Interpreter availability, as needed
  • Availability and access to technology, internet access,  and a quiet environment for treatment



Can telepractice be as effective as in-person therapy?

It seems likely, but research to-date has been a bit limited and mixed. Most research reports promising or favorable results with the need for more in-depth analysis. 

What does the research specifically say?



Speech & Language Services (as a whole)

School-age Therapy Services

All articles available in full from ASHA’s Evidence Maps

What do I need to practice teletherapy?

  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • A web cam (built in or separate)
  • A headset (optional, but recommended)
  • A license for the state of each student you serve
  • A quiet environment
  • A HIPPA or FERPA compliant platform for conducting therapy
  • A digital organization system for student files and materials (as well as invoicing, billing, payment tracking, etc.. if necessary)

What are some key considerations I should keep in mind?

  • Set expectations for the student/family/teacher before beginning your first session
  • Teach the student/family/teacher how to use the platform, provide examples of how a session will go, discuss how families/teachers can be involved in sessions
  • Keep a well-organized calendar of treatment sessions with alerts for each session
  • Provide reminders for parents/teachers of scheduled session times
  • Create a secure folder for each student with materials, session notes, documents, billing, etc…
  • Keep excellent notes regarding beginning and ending times of sessions, tardies, no-shows, parent/teacher contacts, etc…
  • Document all sessions, including therapy data, immediately
  • Set boundaries for parent/teacher involvement, background noise/disruptions, etc… 
  • Stay up-to-date with HIPPA and FERPA compliance when storing student files, sending documents via email, choosing platforms, etc… Use unique password protection and/or utilize companies with compliant safeguards for digital storage/document transmission.
  • Establish guidelines for what to do about cancellations, rescheduling, technology issues, etc… Be prepared to contact parents when technology issues occur and walk them through troubleshooting, reschedule sessions, or provide alternative means to a session (such as a phone call and provision of materials for at-home practice). 

Source 1, Source 2





Built-in activities and whiteboard

Upload and organize your own materials

Watch videos with client

Session Notes

Billing tools


Client portal

Video platform

$60/month for all features and 1 clinician

HIPPA compliant


Interactive whiteboard

Screenshare and remote mouse control

Group sessions

Video platform

$50/month for all features and 1 clinician

HIPPA compliant


Session Notes

Billing tools


Client portal

Video platform

$91/month for up to 80 clients (smaller packages also available)

50% off for educational organizations

HIPPA compliant

ZOOM for Healthcare

Video platform

Easy collaboration tools

Starts at $200/month

HIPPA compliant

Go to Meeting

Video platform

Easy collaboration tools

Starts at $12/month

HIPPA compliant

Therapy Materials

General Language

EdShed for Interactive Videos

Sequencing Boom Cards by Allison Fors

Basic Concepts Boom Cards by Ashley Rossi

WH Questions Boom Cards by Ashley Rossi

Pronouns Boom Cards by Ashley Rossi

Verbs Boom Cards by Ashley Rossi

Categories Boom Cards by Ashley Rossi

Comparatives/Superlatives Boom Cards by Ashley Rossi

Irregular Plurals Boom Cards by Ashley Rossi

No Print Language: Preschool, K-2,3rd-5th, and Grammar by Speech Tea

No Print Language Processing by The Whimsical World

Language Processing Boom Cards by The Whimsical World

Listening Skills (and other ELA skills) Videos by Geek Chic

Phonological Awareness

Boom Cards  by Ashley Rossi

Boom Cards (2nd bundle) by Ashley Rossi

Social Skills

EverydaySpeech for Social Skills Videos

Feelings/Emotions Boom Cards by Ashley Rossi

Social Filter Game by Bright Futures Counseling

Social Skills Boom Cards by Bright Futures Counseling

Showing Empathy in Text Messages by Misty’s Speech World

Growth Mindset, Life Skills, and Social Skills Videos by Geek Chic

Emotions and Feelings Boom Cards by Geek Chic

Growth Mindset Boom Cards by Geek Chic

Critical Thinking Videos by Geek Chic


Articulation Boom Cards by Ashley Rossi

Multisyllable Words Boom Cards by Ashley Rossi

Apraxia Boom Cards by Ashley Rossi

No Print Articulation, Phonological Processes, Apraxia by Speech Tea

General Therapy Tools

Boom Learning

Online Whiteboards


Digital Token Books by Sweet Tea

The Whimsical World’s TpT Store (dedicated to teletherapy)

Barrier Game Boom Cards by Allison Tors


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