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Quick Activities for Social Skills | Older Students

Who is this designed for?

This unit is specifically designed for middle school and high school students. It addresses topics that include bullying and peer pressure at a level suitable for older students (alcohol, etc…) as well as preparation for college and careers. 

What do you get in the unit? 

Topics covered:

Awareness and goal setting

Topic maintenance

Body language

Perspective taking



Peer pressure


Fact and opinion

Problem solving


Disagreeing and compromising


Managing expectations

Working in groups

Career readiness

College readiness

What are the specifics?

Each topic has 4 accompanying task cards. 

How can you use it?

This unit is designed to be used in a few potential ways:

1. Exit tickets for speech therapy sessions

2. Interactive journal or notebook activities

3. Homework activities

Cut out each task card and assign as necessary!

How much does it cost?

$3.00 for the individual unit. 

It is also included in my Social Skills Bundle for $33.60.