Simple Meal | Beef + Tomatoes Greek Bowl

Happy Friday, everyone! Today, I wanted to share with you a simple recipe that we threw together a couple of weeks ago and absolutely adored.

Now, I’m not a food blogger and am not going to pretend to be! We’ve been taking the quarantine as an opportunity to play around with ingredients and create fun, easy meals. This meal that we made by combining a few different recipes was absolutely delicious!

First, throw a roast in your slow cooker with some onions and bell peppers. Season to your heart’s content. We used the basic – salt, pepper, garlic powder, some herbs. This recipe is similar to what we did, but we didn’t use tomatoes. We did about 4 hours on high.

When your roast is cooked, you’re ready to throw the rest of the meal together! You’ll need:

A pot of yellow rice. We make yellow rice all the time. It’s one of our favorites for nearly any meal.

Next, sauté some grape or cherry tomatoes. We chopped ours in half and added loads of olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. We literally just threw it all in a medium hot pan and stirred them around until they started to shrivel and caramelize a bit. Here’s Martha Stewart’s version. Tomatoes are delicious, it’s hard to go wrong, just season well and don’t let them burn! You could also roast them in the oven.

While your rice and tomatoes are cooking, whip up some tzatziki. We base ours off of this recipe, but do it all in one day and use lemon juice instead of vinegar.

When everything’s done, layer your rice, then beef, then tomatoes in a bowl. Top with tzatziki. Enjoy!


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