Highlighted Reading Comprehension Stories | AHL Product

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Phonics, Fluency, & Comprehension, Reading Comprehension | 0 comments

Hi there! Last week, I shared some takeaways from a reading comprehension PD I recently completed. Next week, I’ll be sharing more thoughts on reading as I continue working through some PDs, but for today, I wanted to share a few pages from one of my reading comprehension products in my TpT store.

When working with my students, aged 4th-5th grade and higher particularly, I found that identifying key details within a text was often be problematic. I spent a decent amount of time going through reading comprehension units and highlighting different story elements to color code them based on question type and answer. This process has been helpful with my own students, so I thought I would make an already-highlighted version for my store.

In this unit, you’ll get 10 highlighted stories. Five of those stories are simple narratives that I wrote specifically for this unit, while the other 5 are familiar children’s stories from the public domain. Each story is color-coded by who, what, where, when, why, and how question.

Two comprehension pages are provided – open ended and multiple choice. The question word in each question is color coded to match the text. Students can refer back to the text and find the matching color in order to help them make connections between what the question is asking and what the text says.

In addition to the color-coded pages, each page is also provided in black and white. You can highlight them yourself in order to save ink OR use a combination of pages to scaffold based on students’ needs.

For example, the student can receive the color coded text, but a black and white comprehension page or a black and white text and a color-coded text. This can allow you to decrease levels of scaffolding as needed.

This unit is available for $3.50 in my TpT store!