Home Language Calendar for Distance Learning

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Hello everyone! It’s hard to believe it’s Holy Week and that, during typical circumstances, we would be gearing up for two short weeks at school rather than ploughing ahead through teletherapy, distance learning, and increased social isolation measures. I hope you’re all doing well – if you’re not, please connect!

As a high school SLP, my students needs during this time have been a little less pronounced than my colleagues working with younger students. However, I have students working on oral language abilities that need some continued support, even if only for a few minutes a day.

I really enjoyed the many home calendars that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers, but, unfortunately, found that most were not quite what I would need for my older students. So, I sought to create my own to fill that gap.

My calendar contains 20 activities, aimed at 4 weeks of weekday practice. Rather than completing activities in chronological, scheduled order, students are encouraged to choose the activity that best suits them on any given day. Prompts utilize daily tasks that older students will likely be participating in while at home, including watching movies, playing games, doing homework, and communicating with family members. Specific language skills targeted include:


– Context clues

– Sequencing a task

– Questions/comprehension

– Word associations

– Providing evidence

– Comparing and contrasting

– Writing non-fiction

– Prefixes and suffixes

– Predictions/inferences

– Main idea/details

Students are encouraged to keep a notebook or folder of paper to complete the daily tasks in writing, or verbally communicate activities to an adult.

This calendar could be expanded as necessary – check back for additional days of activities in the future!

Are you looking for something geared a bit younger? Here are my 3 favorites that I’ve used for my younger students:

Speech and Language Home Practice by Primary Punch

Speech and Language – Basic Homework – 3 Week FREEBIE by Natalie Snyders

Speech and Language Home Suggestions for Emergencies for SLPs FREEBIE by Natalie Snyders

I hope you continue to find the resources you need to do what you can as an SLP during this very difficult time. Stay connected with other SLPs and make sure to give yourself a break! We’re all doing the best we can. 👊