A Prayer for the Year’s Beginning

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Being an Educator, Journal | 0 comments

Summer fades to fall;
the freedom of the morning gives way
to the structure of the school day.

Students who need me,
administrators who demand of me,
colleagues who help (or hurt) me.

From all sides,
I am pulled.
Sometimes, I know not where;
I know not the purpose.

Yet, you do.

Remind me, Lord, that you have placed me.
Remind me, Spirit, that you will strengthen me.
Remind me, Christ, that you love me.

I ask these things of you:
Give me patience when I have none to give;
Give me love when I have none to share;
Give me joy when there is none to see.

Bless my students.
May they see you in me.

Bless my colleagues.
May they see you in me.

Bless my soul.
May I see you.