TpT Fave: Cat Says Meow and Primary Punch

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Being an Educator, Journal | 0 comments

Curious about the resources I’m constantly going back to? Without a doubt, the no prep units from Primary Punch and Cat Says Meow win most used resource in my classroom! The variety of language skills I’ve been able to target using these units is amazing. Right now, I use their units for:

Action Verbs


Basic Concepts


Reading Comprehension

WH Questions

But that’s definitely not all that I target! Several of my groups combine language with intelligibility, sentence construction, asking questions, and following directions.

The no/low prep activities still manage to be so engaging for my kiddos. I love being able to sit with one student and work on discrete trials of a skill, while another student cuts out or colors in stimulus before we swap. They’re always so proud to take their finished work back to class! And as an SLP on a tight budget, I love the simplicity and efficiency of black and white printing and the number of trials I can work in with one activity. I also am so appreciative of graphics that are clear and easy to use, without much to distract or confuse. No joke – I probably use something from these teacher-authors at least 2 – 3 times a week. If you haven’t checked out these units, please head to their TpT stores to do so! You won’t be sorry!