Begin Your Day With Prayer

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Being an Educator, Journal | 0 comments

Last week, I shared a prayer based on themes from Psalms that I intend to pray over my students this school year. To further encourage the link between the spiritual and the daily physical, I again sought the Psalms, this time seeking guidance for myself.

As teachers, we are faced with early morning alarms. One of the hardest things, in my own experience, is giving myself the time I need to connect with the Lord and tend to my own soul before leaving to tend to the souls of others. I’ve noticed a strong trend in my ability to teach and work well on the days that I seek God first. My words are gentler. My stress is less. My relationships are better. On the days that I rush to work, I find myself less intentional throughout the day. I’m more apt to fuss at my students. I’m more apt to complain to and gossip with my colleagues. I’m more apt to let the little things bring me down. In reading the Psalms, I found words of encouragement and conviction. From Psalm 119, 127, 132: 3-5, 141: 3-4, 142:10, and 143: 8-10, I formed this prayer. As before, I encourage you to pray it, or something similar, with me as we move forward in our school years. Let us be bearers of the light of Jesus because we have invited the light in.

Lord, remind me of your love in the morning. Teach me your will and lead me in the way I should go. Help me remember that unless I am laboring for you, I am laboring in vain. Before I start my day, I invite you in; I will not move without your spirit. As I go through my day, help me recall your words. Let them grant me life. Do not let me fall into evil. Guard my lips, my heart, my actions, and my interactions. I praise you because you are good and you do good. Lead me by your spirit.

Want something to help remind you to prayer before beginning your day?