Children’s Books to Look Forward to in 2018

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I’m a chronic re-reader. Instead of searching for new books, I’m most guilty of keeping up with Kindle deals so that I can have my old favorites at my fingertips, all.the.time. I fear this trend also creeps into my life as an educator, as I pick up the same ol’ kid’s books over and over again. Is there anything wrong with a cherished favorite? Of course not! But we all need some novelty in our lives every now and again. And so, I went perusing the upcoming children’s book releases for 2018, looking for titles that piqued my interest and seemed educational and fun for my students. There are a lot of books out there, but I kept my list to 10: 5 picture books and 5 chapter books I want to check out this year and incorporate into my work with children.

Picture Books
1. Can Somebody Please Scratch my Back? By Jory John, Illustrated by Liz Climo — March 20, 2018 Penguin Random House
Ages 4-8
Persnickety Elephant has an itch he just can’t scratch and none of his friends – turtle, snail, alligator…. – will help him out! Engagement in helping others and self-awareness awaits.

2. The Best Mouse Cookie Padded Board Book by Laura Numeroff, Illustrated by Felicia Bond – March 13, 2018, Harper Collins
Ages 0-4
Mouse is baking cookies in his little mouse house! A companion to the beloved If You Give…. Series.

3. If the S in Moose Comes Loose by Peter Hermann, Illustrated by Matthew Cordell — March 13, 2018, Harper Collins
Ages 4-8
Moose vanishes when some of his letters disappear! His friend Cow has to find letters and s-p-e-l-l in order to put him back together again!

4. Pete the Cat: The Petes Go Marching by James Dean, Illustrated by James Dean — March 6, 2018, Harper Collins
Ages 4-8
Pete’s own, rockin’ twist on “The Ants Go Marching”

5. Flow, Flow, Flow by Andree Salom, Illustrated by Ivette Salom — February 27, 2018, Simon and Schuster
Ages 3-8
Four children take off across the sea on a voyage of imagination without a destination in mind. New experiences await, teaching the travelers delightful life lessons along the way.

Chapter Books
1. The Train of Lost Things by Ammi-Joan Paquette — March 20, 2018 Penguin Random House
Ages 8-12
Marty’s beloved father is sick and short on time. One of his most treasured possessions is a jean jacket, given to him by his father. And then it goes missing. It’s up to Marty and his two new friends, Dina and Star, to fix the mythical Train of Lost Things – a train that is supposed to cherish lost items until they can be returned, but instead is stealing them.

2. The Burning Maze by Rick Riordan, Book 3 in Trials of Apollo series — May 1, 2018, Hyperion Books
Book 3 finds Lester (formerly known as the god, Apollo) and Meg on the hunt for a satyr companion on their way to capture the third emperor who is threatening Camp Jupiter, while Leo, Calypson, and Festus race to warn the Roman camp of their danger.

3. The New Kid and Aliens for Dinner by A.I. Newton, Illustrated by Anjan Sarkar — March 6, 2018, Simon and Schuster
Ages 6-9
A new chapter book series, The Alien Next Door, begins following Zeke, and alien trying to adjust to life on earth. He makes a new friend, Harris, who suspects something is different about Zeke and his family….

4. Lucy Castor Finds Her Sparkle by Natasha Lowe, February 20, 2018, Simon & Schuster
Ages 9-12

Lucy just wants to hold onto her childhood, but she’s just found out her mother is having another baby and is certain she will no longer be wanted.

5. The Art of the Swap by Kristine Asselin and Jen Malone — February 13, 2018, Simon & Schuster
Ages 9-12
Hannah lives in a museum and is fascinated by history. When a magic mirror allows her to swap places with Maggie, the subject of one of the museum’s paintings, both girls find themselves immersed in a world very unlike their own.

I’m looking forward to February when these releases start dropping and I can let you know if they’ll end up on my Kindle or being repeatedly pulled from my therapy bookshelf in the coming years!