A Simple Life According to Hobbits

“It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life.” This quote has entranced me since I first read it. Not in an actual text, as you might expect from a self-proclaimed Tolkien fanatic; but from a pinned blog post on Pinterest. In an online world defining simplicity as...

How I Use My Bullet Journal

You know, I'm not really sure if Bullet Journals are still a big thing. It's kind of crazy how time flies though. It feels like just yesterday that I was introduced to the idea and excitedly recommended it to friends. I've been through a few planners since then, but...

Why we should read more fairy tales.

What do you think of when you hear the words "fairy tales"? I have to admit, for most of my life, I associated fairy tales mostly with the Disney versions of old classics that I watched on VHS as a child. These kid-friendly stories enthralled me when I was little. The...

Planning for 2020-2021

It's July 10th as I start this and I can hardly believe a new school year is almost upon us! This school year, in particular, has the makings of the most interesting one yet! I've been joking that, of course, my "last official" year as a school-based SLP (meaning only...

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