A Happy Learner began in 2013 as Happy Speech Therapy, an online store hosted on TpT featuring products for SLPs. Over the years, the name changed to A Happy Learner in anticipation of products developed for other educators: ESL teachers, ELA teachers, homeschool parents, & more.

The online space representing A Happy Learner has changed over time. Most speech and teacher blogs felt to me like they were designed for students rather than educators. I longed for a cozy, welcoming space online where I could learn, grow, & restore myself as an educator. This site, and its accompanying Instagram & Pinterest pages, is my attempt to create that space. 

I hope you’ll feel welcome here as I work to create a happy place for educators. Grab your tea (or coffee cup), curl up with your favorite blanket, and join me!  

In this space, you’ll find content and resources in 3 areas:

1 | Speech Therapy and Special Education

My day job is as a part-time SLP working with middle and high schoolers in a public school setting and over the past 7 years, I’ve worked with students from preschool to graduation. In this space, I share resource pages designed to keep you up-to-date with research and resources on a variety of topics and therapy ideas to inspire you in your own work with students. 

2 | Literature and Writing

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me nurturing my hobbies as an avid bookworm and writer. I knew I would one day want to share more of that passion with students via you, their teacher! In this space, I’ll share book reviews & lists and classroom ideas for developing a love of literature and writing in students. 

3 | Lifestyle

Being an educator is hard work. It’s all too easy to let our jobs consume our identities, leading to the stress and unhappiness that often leads to burnout and leaving the profession. I’ve been there! So here, I’ll also share resources, ideas, and thoughts on living well, both as an educator and an individual. This space will encompass life at work, life at home, & life on the road, as well as physical, spiritual, and mental & emotional wellness. 


Planning for 2020-2021

It's July 10th as I start this and I can hardly believe a new school year is almost upon us! This school year, in particular, has the makings of the most interesting one yet! I've been joking that, of course, my "last official" year as a school-based SLP (meaning only...

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