Quick + Easy Breakfast for Educators | Steel Cut Oats 2 Ways

This is a post from my personal blog, Cups with Christin. I've reposted it here due to its relevancy to living healthily and happily as an educator. Enjoy! I have never been a fan of oatmeal. For years, I tried to force myself to develop a taste for the lauded,...

Protecting Simplicity

When Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin first meet Strider at The Inn of the Prancing Pony, they are alarmed by his appearance and his reputation. Dirty and unkempt, folk advise them to steer clear of these mysterious wanderers.

Rewatching the Hobbit: 4 Years Later

Jackson’s attempt to connect stories, include lore, and represent that world well through these films is not unsuccessful, as long as you check a few things at the door.

The Valleys & Mountains of North Carolina + Tennessee

For the first time in quite a few years, I ventured out with my immediate family - parents, two of my three brothers, and my sister - on a summer vacation. Leaving my husband at home, we drove the 8+ hours to Maggie Valley, North Carolina, me squeezed between my...

Yoga in Education: Knocking On Heaven’s Door

In the last several years, researchers have been delving into the importance of movement for our children’s well-being, with particular attention being paid to the ever-disappearing recess.


We gaze,
into an end
we cannot see.

Love in the Scriptures | Fruit of the Spirit

We see now that we are called, by Jesus himself, to love others the way that God loves. We also understand that this love must be born of our intentions, our personalities, and our thoughts. What then does this look like?

Lay It Down

Why then do you worry?
Oh, why then do you fear?