Fall is so close! I can feel it coming in the air and see it trying to hold on in the morning sky. With a new season comes a new selection of books. Read on to see what I’ll be reading alongside my cups of tea this fall.

The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman

Emily is just so gentle and soothing. I’d love to know her! But in lieu of that, I’m currently working on a chapter of her newest book, The Next Right Thing, each weekday morning. It’s a book about decision making, but not the way you typically think of it. Rather, it’s about becoming more in tune with God and yourself so that you can see which way to go. Yes and yes.

The Celtic Way of Prayer by Esther De Waal

I’m a bit of a mystic and I’m not afraid to admit it. Mysticism and spirituality often get quite a bad (heretical, demonic) rep, but, really, mysticism in the Christian tradition goes way back. The Celtic Way of Prayer guides you through the mindset of early, converted Christians in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, exploring how they rectified what they knew to be true of nature, seasons, and the quotidian of life with this new, life-changing Gospel that they had come to love.

Father Brown by GK Chesterton

I actually finished The Innocence of Father Brown at the end of the summer and am now moving on to The Wisdom of Father Brown. I just adore this shabby little priest! Bursting with both humility and wisdom, his quips about life and faith, the way he views the world, and his absolutely paradoxical, Christ-like treatment of criminals is refreshing, convicting, and entertaining.

The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien

This is another book I technically read during the summer, but I’m now doing a more in depth re-read. Tolkien (and Lewis) are my absolute favorites, so now I’m digging in deep, reading a chapter at a time paired with The Prancing Pony Podcast. Yes, I’m nerding out big time.

The Madame Chic Series by Jennifer L. Scott

I read these several years ago, but am going to be working through them again as I strive to get some household and personal things a bit more in order. Jennifer is just lovely (I so enjoy her YouTube channel and blog) and comforts me in womanhood and homemaking when it would otherwise seem stressful.

The Sacred Eneagram by Christopher L. Huertz

Everyone I know is obsessed with the eneagram and I remain a bit unsure what I am. I’ve heard some people say that tests weren’t accurate for them and study helped them dig deeper, so when I saw this available for free with Kindle Unlimited, I decided to give it a try. I know there are a lot of possible books for looking at this through a Christian perspective, so we’ll see how this one goes!

The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

I picked up this fun-looking paperback from the thrift store and am looking forward to plunging ahead into this period novel spanning WW1 and WW2 (current obsessions of mine), all from the point of view of the women who lived through it.

The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks

This is another find from the thrift store. Seeing as I’m obsessed with all things English, and have often romantically dreamed of living on a little English farm, I thought this memoir of life as a shepherd in the Lake District might be right up my alley (and probably serve to make me a bit more content where I am).

Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott

This book is so often quoted and referenced, that I had to snatch it up from the thrift store and am hoping to finally get started on it this school year. I honestly don’t know what to expect – I remember the author’s name and the title more than any specific words from it, so it’ll be a surprise!

Tolkien: Biography by Humphrey Carpenter

I picked this up (from the thrift store! shocking I know) months ago. As I started listening to the Prancing Pony Podcast, I heard Carpenter’s biography mentioned over and over again. Imagine my delight when I realized that it was the very book I had found for $2.00! I can’t wait to dive in.

CS Lewis on the Christian Life by Joe Rigney

Lewis is one of my superheroes, but he can be a little hard to read and I’m not as well-read in his non-fiction as I would like to be. I thought this might a good primer before diving into a read and re-read of many of his classic, non-fiction works later on.

Fall of Poppies by Various

This is a selection of short stories from WW1 and, as I mentioned earlier, the world wars are quite an obsession for me at the moment. I imagine this will be a slow read, one story at a time over the coming months.

Ordering Your Private World by Gordon Macdonald

Another book oft quoted, I had to grab it. My mind is usually a chaotic jumbled mess, so maybe with this and some other selections here, I’ll start learning to tame it.

Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton

Yet another classic, I was thrilled to see this on the thrift store shelves. I’ve been all about the liturgical year and traditional Christian practices for awhile now, but had yet to read this treasure concerning them.

Now, I realize this is an ambitious list – I’m fully anticipating some of these to flow right into fall! Nonetheless, I’m thrilled and excited about the books awaiting me – now, I just need to stop going to the thrift store for awhile before I add to it even more!